Dysappearing, Inc.

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A jabbering mass swelled and ebbed eagerly around their mark, their smiling host twisting with a self-conscious alacrity so as to expose every angle yet give away nothing.  As each finger triggers, the staccato wink of a shutter grasps with the gnarled digits of a grotesque appendage at this blind, writhing worm in butterfly clothing, every flashbulb a synchronized burp of light hitting fabric and flesh like so many pennies clinking into a bag that is already far too heavy to carry.

The fat magnate sits on a revolving chair atop a phallus of steel and glass.  An intern walks with deliberate, quick steps to deliver the quarterly report and a cheese danish.  A self-congratulatory grin appears as his eyes find the bottom line.

A kid walks into the bodega only for a pack of bubblegum but as always the newsstand is there, looming in the periphery next to the counter.

                                                                                                                          -E.E. Norris

E.E. Norris is a photographer, founder-editor of Concrete & Light, and director of The Art Cart NYC.  He would like you to look - intently and in every direction - so that you might share the profound joy that may come from observing the infinite complexity of the physical universe and human potential.

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