That sign reading FALLOUT SHELTER serves as a sobering relic from a surreal and dangerous time when two superpower nations held the people of the world hostage with an arsenal capable of destroying the whole of humankind many times over. 

There are 15,513 nuclear warheads in existence right now
3,163 are listed as "deployed"


(15,513 is the estimated number of nuclear warheads currently in existence worldwide.  While a large number of these are retired or stockpiled, 3,163 are as of now deployed.  Source: Arms Control Association website)

E.E. Norris is a photographer, founder-editor of Concrete & Light, and director of The Art Cart NYC.  He would like us all to look - intently and in every direction - so that we might share a sustained and profound sense of joy that may come from observing the infinite complexity of the physical universe and human potential.

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