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The Art Cart

The mobile fine art vendor

Featuring photographic art by E.E. Norris

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Fine Art for All


The Cart

The Art Cart is very much what it sounds like - a mobile platform from which to sell art.

The physical cart (a tiny old Volkswagen GTI) will at times of the year park itself in various locations around New York City.  Art Cart road trips touring the U.S. aim to use The Art Cart as a catalyst for local creatives, while making fine art accessible to those who may have presumed it was out of their reach. Part of the mission is to change how art is seen in America - I believe that when we live in a society where fine art is systemically catered for the wealthy, everyone loses - so part of our mission is to show folks that all creative endeavors are essential to our existence, and that no matter who you are, as a human we all stand to gain by embracing our creativity and to strive for higher thinking.

It is in this way the cart acts more than a transport, but a symbol.  In the same vein as the many modern food carts that have been able to bring finely crafted and even forward-thinking cuisine to working class folks at reasonable prices, the goal here is to strip away the pretention that surrounds fine art by taking it out of expensive galleries and down to the ground level.

The Cart Online

When it's not parked in your neighborhood, the cart remains within your reach here in digital form.  This website allows you to buy art wherever you are, or wherever I am. is your all-access vehicle purveying art 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

So, in the spirit of that metaphor, this site has a set of rules to help it simulate the real-life cart and allows you to feel a same urgency of buying today, before someone else grabs the work you have heart set on.

The Rules

  • 30 prints will be available on the cart for purchase online at a time

  • Immediately after a customer buys a print online, it will be removed from the cart page for an indefinite amount of time (no less than a week) and replaced by a different photograph in the collection

  • Photographs in the collection but not among the 24 up on the cart may still be bought, but at a $20 surcharge. 100% of this surcharge will go to charity.

  • Each photograph is limited to 99 prints each. Once the 99th has been purchased and printed, that photograph will be "retired" and no more will be printed. Ever.



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