Sliding: Urb

It's often been said that a city, especially my city, New York, has an underlying beat.  The parts that lay over that foundation tend more toward discord than harmony, but in that dissonance there is beauty.  We see how easily drawn the human mind is to simplicity, so to find beauty in complexity is a much bigger task, but may lead to a rarer and more rewarding result. 

In "Manhattan", Woody Allen may have seen fit to set the grandiose New York skyline and black and white cityscapes to Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue".  But when trying to pair that magnificent overture to the any of the photographs here, it's an ill fit.  "Rhapsody in Blue" while jazzy, underneath has the oompah of a plodding march.  The New York I've come to love doesn't march.  It dances, stumbles, jostles, but never marches.  So after a deeper search, with its changing tempo, unpredictable melody, and elusive theme Thelonious Monk's "Ugly Beauty" proves to resonate strongly with my own perspective of New York and other great cities around the world.  Sure they're grandiose, but if you look closely it's in a fashion that defies a singular overtone.

To many urbanites, their city isn't larger than life, it's part of their life.  And if they are anything like myself, the towering skyscrapers, bellowing noises, and rush of humanity doesn't make them feel small, rather it grants one an enormity of spirit, and whispers a notion that they themselves transcend their own mortality.  

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