Popocatépetl y dos puestos

Popocatépetl y dos puestos

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Popo, caldera smoldering, contrasted by two posts of human-sized consequence.

From the road between Popo and Ixta, Mexico

© E.E. Norris, all rights reserved

Prints are developed and crafted to order by the photographer exclusively on top-quality Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl paper, 13" x 19". Each photograph is signed, numbered, and limited to 99 printings. Once 99 prints have been sold, that's it. They're done for good.

Matting optional - matted white by hand, using hinging technique with acid-free linen tape to a size of 18" x 24"

Framed modern black with acrylic glazing. (This is a very plain but serviceable framing. While I actually prefer glass, shipping risks prohibit this to be cost-effective so I recommend the buyer frames their photo locally. Still, this acrylic option is made available for those who want delivered a completely finished product.)

Large canvas print - 36" x 48" printed on wrapped canvas. The best option to make a big impression in any room. Limited edition of 20 prints, please allow up to 3 weeks for printing and shipping.

matted, framed, or large canvas:
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