Concrete & Light

Concrete & Light is the beginnings of a creative online publication curated and edited by E.E. Norris, photographer and director of The Art Cart.  

Submissions and regular contributors are welcomed and sought after for consideration.  If you have an art piece, thought piece, written work, or anything else creative you wish to be featured here, please send your work to be published to with the subject "Submission" and it will be considered for publication.

For the foreseeable future, this publication will be a completely non-profit endeavor.  However, if you are or know of a creative writer, philosopher, artist, or musician, professional or amateur, and would still like to be a regular feature contributor to Concrete & Light sans payment, please send a selection of work (or a site where it resides) along with some personal background info the with the subject "Regular Contributor" and you will be considered for a position.

Here you will find - for starters - work and thoughts from artists/musicians/writers/creatives, articles explaining the creative process, philosophical essays, and whatever else to forward the collective conversation on human existence. Comments are open with the hopes of creating a forum and hub for dialogue between artists, art appreciators, philosophers, those who aspire and inspire within all walks of life.

Looking forward to what you have to share.




E.E. Norris is a photographer, founder-editor of Concrete & Light, and director of The Art Cart NYC.  He would like you to look - intently and in every direction - so that you might share the profound joy that may come from observing the infinite complexity of the physical universe and human potential.